International Conference:
Organic Farming and Our Future Food System

“Our future food can only be Soil Food, based on a healthy soil, and the farmer who produces this is the doctor of the future, who will heal the earth”

You are cordially invited to join the conference on Organic Farming and Our Future Food System, taking place on Friday 12 October in Oosterwolde,
The Netherlands. Register now

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International Conference
Sustainable World Food Supply

Sustainable Food Supply Foundation has developed a draft program for an international two-day conference about “Sustainable World Food Supply”. The concept lends itself very well to cooperation with embassies, farmers organizations and governmental representatives of European, Asian, African and Latin American countries, the United Nations, the World Bank, the IFAP, scientific institutes and other organizations. They can present sample projects, which prove that sustainable, the region-oriented agriculture geared to ecological aspects and biodiversity is successful and (also in business matters) rewarding.

In addition, international authorities in the field of sustainable agriculture, biodiversity and restoration of ecosystems could give their comment on these practical examples.

During the conference initiatives, activities, businesses and people from the different countries will be associated with Dutch companies, organizations and governments, both during and after the conference.
Lasting relationships between various partners are facilitated and continued through a specifically for this purpose developed website www.sustainablefoodsupply.org. There will also be a range of customized courses.

With this international conference and with the pre- and post-process, the initiators and their partner organizations want to promote a shared vision and cooperation that respects the interests of both large and small farms as well as the environment and biodiversity.

Dates and location still to be determined.


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