Cameroon is one of the eleven areas in the world where, according to the World Wildlife Fund, the most drastic deforestation is taking place. This has a direct influence on the climate and also on the livelihoods of many small-scale farmers. A young student from Cameroon wants to do something about it. To do this, she wants to follow the Master Forest and Nature Conservation/Agroforestry at Wageningen University and has meanwhile been admitted for the study.

She and her parents cannot afford the study. That is why the Support Underprivileged in Cameroon Foundation (SSKK, Project ‘Vision de Femmes’) and the Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture and Energy in Cameroon (SDLEK) have joined forces to conduct a donation campaign for her study with the support of the Sustainable Food Supply Foundation (SFSF) and Bertus Buizer of Buizer Advies BV (Netherlands).

Only together can we make the food supply in Cameroon and the climate in general better and healthier.

Do you donate too? 

Thank you in advance for your support!

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