Agriculture, Conservation and Poverty: Is Agroforestry Cameroon’s solution?

1 September 2020 By Paula Noubissie


2020 is a year in which human beings have been fighting against a global pandemic, Corona (COVID-19). Some measures have been taken so as to prevent a further spread of the disease but to avoid further pandemics and further effects of climate change, we must stop being self-centred and focus on how to conserve our nature rather than destroying it in the course of trying to satisfy our own needs. What if there is a way to do both? Conserving our nature while satisfying our needs? Agroforestry is the way. For the natural world we rely on for survival; the air we breathe, the clean water we drink, our food security, our life support system are all parts of nature. Therefore, this is our opportunity for a new balance with nature, one that recognises that our future is intimately connected with all other life on earth, build back balance build back life.

Recognizing biodiversity conservation as the key stepping stone, the overall objective of my study project is to assess the contribution of agroforestry in the reduction of environmental damage, the promotion of sustainable agriculture through ; the restoration of soil fertility, the biological prevention and control of pests and diseases in agriculture , the diversification of agricultural products and the generation of more surpluses in the agricultural products, the production of woods for fuel, service and construction, the reduction of the greenhouse effect and ultimately, the promotion of peaceful coexistence between farmers, breeders and foresters in Cameroon  through the improvement of knowledge on agroforestry practices adapted to the area. Specifically, the existing agroforestry systems in the hunting interest zones were identified and characterized, the conflicts in the use and occupation of land were identified, the problems faced in the agricultural and forestry sector were identified, as well as the perception of local people on the role of agroforestry in the resolution of these conflicts. This paper aims to examine the research trends in agroforestry and the current state of knowledge, as well as the drivers for agro-forestry development in Cameroon.

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Header photo: Eucalyptus in Cameroon – Credit: Bertus Buizer